Kipaş Holding Yarn production plants, established in a closed area of 200,000 m², has capacity of 300 tons yarn production with 2000 experienced employees, 3 open end factories with 20500 rotors and 5 ring spinning factories with 205000 spindles. The yarn production plants gain a place among the World's most important suppliers by adopting quality production, on time delivery and customer oriented system.

Kipaş holding, leader of Textile sector, succeded to be the locomotive of the sector by exporting %50 of its own yarns.

Kipaş Holding took place among the leading organizations with 15 tons spining and doubling per day with capacity of 9488 spinning jennies and 10 tons yarns and fibre dying capacity and showed a unique growth trend.

By using well qualified fibers, from harvest to yarn production in all processes, quality controls are conducted by cutting edge laboratory instruments and high quality is reached in the finished goods.