R&D and innovation are considered as a whole in our company. Important steps have been taken for innovation structuring and emposing this notion to all employees is being targeted. Creating awareness of R&D and innovation with the help of constant education principle and team spirit are being tried.

In the later of 2010, Innovation was concentrated and 3 main boards were structured:

A- Assessment Board
B- Project Board
C- Innovation Board

"Project and Innovation Unit" has been formed to make the studies, very important for our company, more comprehensive and to provide contunity to these studies. Encouraging participation of all employees for innovative ideas and project is one of the important activities of this unit.

Expecting innovation to happen by putting it on the top of strategic priorities is as meaningless as expecting innovation to happen by chance or by coicidence. Innovation bears fruit if it is managed by organizational, repetable and disciplined process and becomes an integral part of the company. Not only participation of the management personnel but also employees' participation are taken into account at the heart of our innovation strategies.

With the help of Proposal-Prize system, innovation contests and some social and artistic activities, comfortable and initiative opportunities will be provided for extending innovation and encouraging participation. This system is thought to contribute our R&D studies.